Monday 25 July 2011

Let it snow: Vanilla macarons with rose quince buttercream

"They're crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside and taste very hard to make" ~ my husband when he tasted his first macaron.

Macarons: delicate little cookie sandwiches that are the epitome of french baking chic.  These wee things may look pretty and delectable but macarons are notoriously difficult to make.  Apparently even seasoned patisserie chefs can get a dud batch depending on the humidity, weather and a million other mysterious variables.

I have never got the guts up to try to make macarons.  Yes, the thought of making these dainty morsels scared the bejeebers out of me!  Until finally, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to face my fear. I decided to make macarons.

Seems appropriate that seeing as it is snowing outside today, I blog about my attempt at tackling my culinary Everest: Macarons, by making snowy white Vanilla Macarons with Rose Quince Buttercream.

{snowed in: road closed, lectures cancelled...time for a cuppa}
"Can the Snow Queen come in?" said the little girl.
"Only let her come in!" said the little boy. "Then I'd put her on the stove, and she'd melt."

~ Hans Christian Andersen

Sunday 24 July 2011

Wedding = love Part 3: My big fat Chinese banquet reception

{all photos by Jel Photography unless otherwise stated}

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. ~ William Shakespeare

It's finally here!  The last installment of my Wedding = love album!  

Having had a white wedding, our reception was a Big Fat Chinese Banquet.  And yes I mean really do mean big fat banquet with a whopping 12 courses!  

No sirree, we don't do nothin' by halves down here.

{Menu with all 12 courses of our banquet complete with the meaning behind each dish! Photo taken by David Chan}

Saturday 16 July 2011

Bean there, done that: Rosemary & garlic cannellini bean dip with parmesan

I'm having a luxuriously lazy husband flew down yesterday morning for the Med School Ball last night (wicked fun!!) and we've spent our Sunday sleeping in, cooking together, eating together, nana-napping and chit-chatting about everything and nothing.  Simple wonderfully normal moments that I've missed so much.  Doing the long distance thing makes old routines new again.  So often it's the little things in life, so easily taken for granted, that can contain so much happiness.
The boy was feeling the effects of the late night (the morning after is never quite so good as the night before) so while he was having a wee snooze I had a quick flick through my last couple posts and realised I haven't posted any recipes for ages!  Quelle horreur!  So as a brief interlude to the multi-barrelled photo posts of late, I present: Rosemary & Garlic Cannellini Bean Dip with Parmesan.

I made this when my girls came over for a mid week dinner and it was a hit!  It's ridiculously easy to make, takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish, and kicks the butt of store bought hummus.  Make it, I dare won't regret it!

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Hong Kong Honeymoon: Our Top 10 Foodies Highlights Part 1

{That, my friends, is A Foodcourt With a View.}

So sorry for neglecting my post as of late, blog post that is.  It was the university hols and we were lucky enough to get to spend some of it in the shopaholic/foodie's dream city Hong Kong for our sort-of honeymoon.

Why sort-of? Well, it was our first trip away together (and first full week of seeing each other) after getting married which is very honeymooney.  But the main purpose of going back was to have dinner with and catch up with my relos in HK which is less honeymooney.  And my Mum came with us - not that honeymooney at all. 

So while it was technically our honeymoon, hopefully we'll get to go somewhere later on and lie on a beach for days with just the two of us (hint hint darling husband??).

So as a blogapology for the post-tardiness I present you our Top 10 Hong Kong Trip Foodie Highlights.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you should eat when in HK.  That would need to be a top 100 at least!  No, no, this is a much less ambitious venture: a round up of the tasty meals and morsels we loved most on our trip back this time.   I'd probably need to go back for months to get a more definitive must-eat list...which I would LOVE to do sometime, so if you're reading this Harper Collins - call me??


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