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There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to baking = love

Hi, I'm Nessie.  Yip, just like the loch ness monster.  Nope, not short for Vanessa. Just Nessie

I'm a girl of many cities.  I was brought up in Auckland, born in Hong Kong, and now live and study in Wellington with my husband C.  Home for me is little old New Zealand, the most beautiful place in the world, Godzone.

{piha, auckland, new zealand}

I'm a lawyer turned medical student who is obsessed with baking, cooking, eating, food blogs and just about all things foodie.  Baking = love is a journal of my baking and cooking adventures and misadventures, travels, thoughts, and random musings.

{raspberry chocolate truffles}

I haven't always been a foodie.

I've always loved eating but I was absolutely useless in the kitchen.  No, seriously I was B-A-D.  In home ec at school, I made a salty chocolate log.  Not in the trendy-fleur-de-sel-caramel kinda way but in the I-thought-the-salt-was-sugar kinda way. 

{guilt free oreo chocolate mousse pie}

Those genes most probably came from my darling mother who, until recently, could burn water. 
It was my dad who was the head chef in the family and when he was diagnosed with cancer, I made it my mission to learn as many of his signature dishes as I could before he got too sick.

He passed away in 2005, and passed on the role of family cook to me.

It's in his memory I cook, I bake, and I run a volunteer baking event called Baking for Hospice.

{baking for hospice}
Why "baking equals love"?  Well, it's my motto for life.

Baking is my stress relief, it's how I show someone I appreciate them, or I'm thinking of them, or sometimes just coz.  A lot of love goes into baking and cooking.  It nourishes the soul and can bring a little bit of sweetness to even the darkest times.  Baking is love.

{cinnamon scones and quick berry jam}

I would love to hear what you think about my posts, my pictures, my recipes...anything, so please don't hesitate to leave a comment. 

Thanks heaps for popping in.  Hope to see you again real soon!

Nessie :)

For me: food equals joy, eating equals bliss, and baking equals love xox


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