Saturday 25 April 2015

We will remember them: Anzac Crumble Ginger Muffins

We do not gather together to glorify war - but rather to remember the men and women who served their country, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
 ~Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae, Governor-General of New Zealand.

Today, 25 April 2015, marks the 100 year anniversary of the Anzacs landing in Gallipoli in the Great War.

We huddled this morning with our fellow Wellingtonians at the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in the dark before dawn and contemplated all the brave souls who lay down their lives for us a century ago and in the conflicts in-between, those away today, those who didn't make it home, and those who come home forever changed. 

It was particularly special for us: both my husband's great grandads served in World War I, his maternal grandad was a prisoner of war in WWII and our friend Curt lost both his legs in Afghanistan 3 years ago while serving for the Australian Army.  

We remember and honour them not to glorify war but with gratitude that their sacrifice means that we may never need to know the atrocities of the battlefield.

In the Governer-General's address, he spoke of "mateship" and camaraderie as enduring ideals we should aspire to. Wonderfully positive, don't you think? And boy was it in full force today.  Forty thousand strong at Pukeahu Memorial Park alone and hundreds of thousands more kiwis and aussies banding together across both countries and in Turkey.  So incredibly moving.

We carried on the mateship theme with the rest of the day by having a good goss and photo-nerding sesh with the very gorgeous Katie over copious cups of tea and these Anzac Crumble Ginger Muffins

Thursday 2 April 2015

Hot Cross Muffins for Easter

Would you like some warm Spring pie?
Then, take a cup of clear blue sky.
Stir in buzzes from a bee,
Add the laughter of a tree.

A dash of sunlight should suffice
To give the dew a hint of spice.
Mix with berries, plump and sweet.
Top with fluffy clouds, and eat!

~ Paul F. Kortepeter, Holly Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Easter 

Happy Easter everyone!

I just love Easter and all the chocolate eggs and bunnies, hot cross buns and simnel cakes laced with rich spices and fruit. Chocolate and baking AND a holiday, what a more could a girl ask for??

I also love that Easter is all about new beginnings, restarting and recharging. I don't know about you but by the time we get to April I sure am ready for a bit of holiday!

This year in particular, Easter for me has been a bit of time for reflection. I am coming to the end of a long journey from lawyer to doctor. Starting from scratch again as a student, slogging it out for five years of study and now in the process of applying for my very first job as a doctor. A resurrection of my own.  It's both exciting and terrifying and to be honest in the last little bit I've been a bit overwhelmed by it all. But with nice sleep in and a long weekend ahead I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and with renewed energy for the months to come. Bring it! 

{friturdays are the best}
So in my happy place right now with a hot cross bun and cuppa in the sun listening to Ed Sheeran and wishing you all a relaxing and refreshing Easter break too!  And if you are feeling like getting your bake on this Easter try out these Hot Cross Muffins - a quick and easy cakey cousin to the hot cross bun.


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