Sunday 30 May 2010

Tea party with law ladies

Sometimes it's good to be a girl.

I summer clerked at a law firm a couple of years ago and the group of us girls (and a guy or two) got on like a house on fire.

At uni, we would meet up for coffee/goss sessions that would last for hours at our trusty cafe just by law school.  And when we were in our first proper year of full time work we would meet up for cheeky pinwheel dates at the bottom of our building.   

We had been talking about doing this for yonks and finally, this weekend, I got the law ladies over to my place for a wee tea party.

For the occasion, I made sauvignon blanc cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting and world peace cookies (recipes here and here) and the girls brought over some cheese and crackers, grapes and bread and dip.  A veritable feast.

We spent the entire arvo chin wagging about anything and everything.  We sipped on english breakfast tea out of wee china tea cups.  We ate cupcakes and cookies and cheese and crackers and dips.   We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt, ate so much we could barely move and facebook stalked like pros.

When you told a story about things that had gone wrong or people who had wronged you, the girls would all be outraged as well.  When you shared some happy news, the girls would all squeal in delight right along with you. Some would even happy clap with you just to make you feel better about having a happy clap.

That, my friend, is true friendship.

So here's to tea parties and girly bonding.  

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  1. Loving the recipes and loving your blog!

    It's so wonderful to have gatherings with girlfriends! Haha my girls and I do the exact same. Eat, drink, laugh til our stomachs hurt, catch up on gossip, facebook stalk.. All that good stuff :). Cheers to great girlfriends!



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