Thursday 8 July 2010

Green-Eyed Gadget Monster: Nordic Ware Rose Bundtlette Pan

I am a sucker for all things kitchenware.  Often in my wanderings in the food blogosphere, I spy other bloggers' amazing kitchens and their enviable collection of kitchen gadgets and machinery.  And I turn into a wee green-eyed monster and basically covet everything in their kitchens.  So I thought I'd share my moments of envy with you all in a new baking = love feature: the Green-Eyed Gadget Monster.

My penchant for kitchen appliances includes a healthy obsession with baking pans.  Ooooh baking pans.  Lately, I've been lusting over this mini rose bundt pan and when I read this post from spoonful of sugah and her rave review about the Nordic ware pan, I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

All day at work, in between reviewing contracts and drafting memos, I was imagining all the yummy wee cakes that would look oh-so pretty as roses.  It kept me up last night, tossing and turning - would the 12 muffin 1/2 cup capacity pan be better, or the 6 muffin 3/4 cup capacity be more practical?  Dainty and pretty vs hearty and substantial?

C reckons it's all a bit silly, you have plenty of muffin tins, Nessie, he says.
Me: But they're not rose shaped muffin tins...
C: They'll taste the same you know.
Me: Yeah but they will be prettier, you eat with your eyes first, C. So there.

I think I won that wee argument don't cha think?

But then there's the price consideration: NZD$70 - is that just far too expensive for a pan?  And a matter of priorities: should I get this rose pan first OR the madeleine pan that I've had my beady little eyes on?

Decisions, decisions.


  1. Nothing wrong with an obsession with bakeware! I thoroughly encourage it! :D

  2. I encourage it too! Also, I would recommend dainty; my sister has that one and it is great, and I have the sunflower one in the bigger size but you really have to cut the cakes in half as they are a bit big for a single serving - so dainty really does win, I reckon!

  3. I bought a classic bundt tin from for $43 - a bargain for a Nordicware tin. They have the little rose cake one too. They're fantastic pans - you'll have it forever. And at only NZ$43 for the bundt tin maybe you can get both the bundt and the madeleine tin!

  4. Someday, when I don't have flatmates who sometimes use metal knives/forks on non-stick pans and baking tins, I will let myself buy lots of pans.

    $70 IS steep... but think of all the beautiful muffins to come... ;-)

  5. Lorraine & Rosa: Thanks for the encouragement girls!! You have totally confirmed my belief that one can never have too many baking pans. They are indeed necessary for happiness. Thank you ;)

    Libby: is a dangerous dangerous site! Can't believe how cheap things are on there! If only they had the smaller rose pan - I've set my heart on that one now :)

    mel: Oh man I feel your pain. They should totally invent scratch proof non-stick baking pans!

  6. I just found your blog and I love it, will be trying a few of your recipes and that rosette pan is cute, i've seen them in silicone too .... really pretty :)

  7. definitely get them - you can never have too many cake tins!!!

  8. Thanks for the encourgagement Tammy! I've done it! I bought the pan today from the kitchen store in Queen's arcade and cradled it in my arms the whole trip home. My precious.... :P



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