Wednesday 4 August 2010

Green-Eyed Gadget Monster: Silhouette SD digital cutter

Now at first glance this high tech looking gadget might not leap out to you as a kitchen tool but wait till you see what Cupcake Project made with it:

Now you're paying attention, aren't you?

It works like a printer, but instead of printing ink on to the paper, it cuts the silhouette out.  So. Freakin. Cool.

I think it's intended for scrapbooking and craft projects but imagine the cupcake wrappers you could make with it, and tags for your baking, not to mention greeting cards and invitations...

I pretty sure it's only sold in the US at the moment.  These things always take forever to make their way down to little ol' NZ.  And at US$299.99 it is not cheap but it's something to drool over for a bit and definitely has a firm place on my When-I-win-lotto list.


  1. Wow... I need to find a refurbishes version of this! My mind is racing with ideas of how I'd use this!

  2. Thanks for the shout out + yes, it is an amazing kitchen tool! BTW - Your cinnamon rolls looks mouthwatering!

  3. God that is adorable! It would make some seriously awesome food props.

  4. Paula: I know, how cool is this machine! I saw cupcake wrappers at Living & Giving today for $20 and I though...if only I had the Silhouette...sigh.

    Peggy: I will totally cheer you on if you decide to get one. And then be very very jealous!! :)

    The Food Hunter: So cool huh. I am a real sucker for gadgets. Love the name of your blog! I'm a big fan of the Face Hunter site :)

    Stef: Thanks so much for your comment! I love your blog and those cupcake wrappers you made are beautiful. E+ all the way Thank YOU heaps for blogging about it!! :)

    Lorraine: Do reckon they sell them in Aussie? If they do, methinks I may need a trip to Auz sometime very soon...

  5. Wow,I have seen those before and never even wanted one.... once you tell me it can be used for cupcakes = MUST HAVE! >.< how to justify this purchase....

  6. Kita: I too am trying to justify getting one shipped over from USA! The finace is a tough man to convince but then again he just bought an ipad...cupcake wrappers are so much more practical right?? :)

  7. this is good. have not seen this product yet, but I find it amazing!

  8. latest gadgets: It totally is amazing huh? I actually can't stop drooling over it. So. Want. One. Now if only I can convince the fiance that we NEED one...:)

  9. The Silhouette SD Machine will be on sale on Black Friday sale for 179.99.



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