Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas noms: White Christmas Rocky Road

This is the rocky road to end all rocky roads.

Truth is, actually, I'm in love with this rocky road.

To me this rocky road is perfect.

{love actually: only the greatest christmas movie of all time}

All those amazing colours make it look like a like a stained glass window.  It's almost too pretty to eat.  Almost, coz once you have one piece you forget all bout how pretty it looks and just want to scoff the lot.

What usually happens at Christmas is that I make a batch and it gets eaten as quickly as I make it and people are begging for the recipe.

It's so good you might want to sing a song about it stark naked on TV on Christmas Eve.

{via tumblr}

So I'm really not sure why I've never posted this recipe.  I've made it most years as Christmas gifts since I first discovered it on the fabulous Not Quite Nigella blog.

It has almost all of my favourite things in it: turkish delight, chocolate, marshmallows, pistachio nuts and some extras for extra deliciousness like nutty thread coconut, tart dried cranberries and oh so decadent macadamia nuts.

NQN originally called it "Luxury Rocky Road" and it really is.  I costed it out one year and all the ingredients added to around $1NZD per piece so gift it to your favs.

White Christmas Rocky Road

Slightly tweaked from a Not Quite Nigella Recipe.

Makes 25 pieces

500g white chocolate melts
100g macadamia nuts, whole
70g pistachio nuts (shelled and unsalted)
3/4 cup dried cranberries ("craisins") 
1 1/2 cup marshmallows cut up into 1 cm discs
200g turkish delight cut into quarters along the length (my fav is the rose stuff, in terms of flavour and for prettiness)
1/2 cup thread coconut

1. Double line a 21cm square baking tin with tin foil.

2. Cut up the marshmallows and turkish delight.  Place in a large bowl with the macadamias, pistachios, cranberries and thread coconut.

3. Melt white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, in the microwave by heating on high for 1 minute, stir with a metal spoon then heat for bursts of 30 seconds stirring in between bursts until melted. Make sure that anything that touches the chocolate (bowl, spoon etc) is really dry otherwise the chocolate will seize up (so don't use a wooden spoon coz the wood may have moisture in it!)

4. Pour the melted chocolate over the other ingredients in the bowl and using a rubber spatula, gently fold the chocolate in, making sure all the bits and bobs are covered in chocolate.  Do this bit quickly!

5. Pour into your prepared baking tin and even out with your rubber spatula.  Allow 2-3 hours to set (should set at room temperature but if it is especially hot where you are, you might want to put it in the fridge.  I like setting it at room temperature to avoid the chocolate "blooming").  When set, cut into squares using a very sharp clean knife being careful not to crush the gorgeous bits in the middle.

{smile. little bow. and a wave}


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  2. i love the idea of using turkish delight. it looks yummy!

  3. Ness this is really good, I made it with a few adjustments (chopped pink red and purple natural confectionery co dinosaurs instead of turkish delight, no coconut, less fruit, added a bag of maltesers) and took it into work, it got rave reviews. Merry Xmas to you and Cam x



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