Wednesday 22 October 2014

Snapshots of exam delirium

It's just over a week until the finals and I'm going a little stir crazy so I thought I'd share some insanity love with you all.

I have so many Exam Time Dinner recipes sitting my on my camera waiting to be posted but I've banned myself from photo editing soooooo instead I'm going to share some of the things that have been keeping me amused this exam period.  It's mainly home stuff because I'm a little bit obsessed with The Block at the moment and it's not procrastinating if it's "necessary".

6 Snapshots of Exam Delirium

1. Highlighters light up my life

What are exams without a good set of highlighters. They're just so pretty and these are even named after me.

2. Greenery

I bought a pot plant for our room. Our very first house plant. I love it and I am going to try very very hard at keeping it alive. Here it is sitting looking pretty and providing oxygen in our bedroom. That is how I explained the purchase to my very exasperated husband - it makes oxygen and we need oxygen to live.  Purchase justified.

3. On the shelf

I bought a set of awesome metal shelves because a) I convinced myself we needed them to tidy up our spare room, b) They were a TOTAL steal and c) They are going to look so styley and industrial. As it turns out we need a spanner to put these together and we don't have a spanner.  I have a friend who has a spanner that I can borrow but he seems to be refusing to let me borrow it until after exams as some sort of peer anti-procrastination intervention. I'm sure I will forgive him eventually.

4. Crammed Jammin' Cream Donut Ice cream 

Oh. My. Word. This stuff is the jam. There aren't even words. Just go out and try some ok?
Cinnamony icecream, raspberry jelly streaks with these little crunchy salty sweet bits of ACTUAL DOUGHNUTS. Apparently it won the International Ice Cream Consortium's award for Best Ice Cream. I am not surprised.  

 5. Crates are great

I made a beer crate side table.  By made I mean I tipped one on its side and shoved some books in it. I am so DIY.

6. Nana naps 

I have discovered that our couch is in the optimal position for the best nana naps in the entire universe. So cozy, so tempting. So not conducive to studying.

Alright. That's quite enough procrastiposting for today.  And the couch is beckoning.

Let me know about the fun and inventive things you've done when you were supposed to be doing something else.  Procrastination = creativity no?

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  1. I love your creativity in making the beer crate table - that is something I could almost manage to make.



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