Friday 12 November 2010

So many herbs, so little thyme

For my birthday my awesome parents in law to be got me a herb planter and loads of yummy herbs.

So today, on a gloriously sunny Auckland Saturday, C and I got our green thumbs out...

We didn't really know what we were doing. We've never really tried trying to keep anything green alive any sage advice will be really appreciated!

And hopefully if:

a) the dog doesn't eat them or pee on them;

b) we remember to water them; and

c) we've planted them properly;

we're going to have massive bountiful bushes of delicious herbs to use.  Green fingers crossed! I'd be so upset if they chervil up and died.

So my baking = love friends, let me introduce to you the newest members of my kitchen family...

{Mr Pizza Thyme}

{Miss Coriander}

{Mrs Basil}

{Mr Thyme Chicken}

{Miss Vietnamese Mint}

{The Multiplying Onions}

{and Mr Mint.}

I also have a chilli plant and some pretty fancy lettuces but we ran out of room in the planter.
I am beyond excited. My very first herb garden y'all! Now the very difficult question...which to use first?


  1. talk about synchronicity, I've just finished tending to my windowsill herbs! now my hands smell like coriander and basil.

    I'd go for the coriander -- avos are getting cheaper by the day and you could make some mean guacamole.

  2. hey nessie gorgeous as always, what camera do you use ?? love the first shot best x

  3. I did go a bit mad with the basil plants, didn't I? With any luck they will get quite big so I suggest you thin them out a bit now. They grow quite well in pots...

  4. I love my fresh herbs! It is so handy to be able to just snip off what you need when you need it. Good luck!!

  5. Awesome! Vietnamese mint is so good, I just inherited a plant of it off a friend, I've just been throwing it into my pad-thai, not very adventurous I know, perhaps you will come up with something to inspire me.
    Happy gardening!

  6. I'm so jealous! Your herb garden looks amazing! I wish I had even a little bit of lawn to do one. Looks great and good luck :)!

  7. teresa: mmmmm I lurve guaca!!! never thought to put coriander in it - I am SO trying it out! I'm having a hard time restraining myself to just let them just itching to dig and use them!!

    pod and three peas: Thanks Paula! I have a canon 450D with a 50mm lens. I LOVE it. Am still teaching myself how to use it properly but it makes even a total rookie like me look like I know what I'm doing!

    Diana: Since Oscar ATE the poor wee curry plant, there was a pot vacancy which some of the basil is now occupying :) Thanks again for my awesome gift eva!

    Kita: Thanks heaps! Fingers crossed and touch wood but they are still going strong a week on! Can't wait to be able to get in there and use them!!

    Linno: I haven't actually used it yet! I was going to throw it in my shaking beef but then chickened out coz I didn't want the plant to keel over :)

    Pretty. Good. Food.: Thanks heaps Meredith!! I'm like a proud momma with my herb garden at the mo. Have been telling anyone who has ears about it :) Perhaps a window sill box might be a goer if you've got the space? :)



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