Monday 22 November 2010

A very merry bridal shower

I apologise again for abandoning my blog this past week.

My gorgeous girlfriend Pav is getting married in January and we threw her an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower in the weekend.

With the help of the wonderful bridesmaids: Claire, Vicky & Monique, we managed to transform Pav's house into a little slice of Wonderland.   

It was a week of baking, paper flower making, and playing card tying. Of battling layers and layers of uncooperative pastel tissue paper, ripping yet another paper flower with clumsy fingers. Of sitting watching CSI reruns while knotting jumbo playing cards just so far apart and alternatively black and red.  Of labelling a million "eat me" and "drink me" labels, printing off posters, and making fiddly wee toothpick flags.

You could say I went as mad as a hatter.

And I loved every minute of it.

So without further ado, I present to you....Pavanie's Very Merry Bridal Shower!

{entrance into wonderland}

{mad hatter decorations}

{yes they are alternating front and back and black and red...OCD much?}

{tea party goodies}

{the beautiful bride to be}

{a tea party is not a tea party without pretty tea sets & tea!}

{very merry bridesmaids serving tea to guests}

{more merry guests and the bride to be and her bridesmaids}

{games and our very own alice}

{all tea'd out and winding down}

{gorgeous pav & her gorgeous mum}


  1. It looks like you/the bridesmaids did a fantastic job of the bridal shower - the food, the decorations... lovely. I also love the tea-sets - I'm a sucker for a pretty tea-set!

  2. What a beautiful shower! The bride to be is very lucky to have friends like you!!

  3. Wow nessie this looks amazing, what an beautiful party and i love your blog :)caro

  4. Oh, you all look like flowers! So bright and pretty.

  5. thatsnicedear: Thanks Steph! What is it about pretty tea sets huh? Maybe its a throw back to when we were kids playing tea with dollies? :)

    Isabel: Thanks Isabel! Besos to you too! :)

    Caroline: Thanks so much Caro!!

    Sasa: Hehe they were so much fun to make...I want my whole house to be filled with them! They make me happy just looking at them and they won't wilt! :)

  6. Kita: Thanks heaps Kita. The bride to be is one of those incredible amazing generous and lovely people we are totally the lucky ones to be able to do something spesh for her, you know? :)



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