Thursday 2 December 2010

Hope for the best...

{image by kameron elisabeth via flickr} 

....prepare for the worst.

I've had an Eeyore week.  A melancholy week.  A feeling blue week.

One of those weeks where you just want to crawl under your blankets with chocolate and a bag of chips and not get out.  Where you wallow in poor me-ness and then kick yourself knowing that people are going through far worse weeks than you and you yourself have been through far worse weeks than this. 

I've been waiting for a letter that hasn't come.  Still hoping for its arrival but preparing for it not to grace my door.

Hope is a funny wee thing.  You're scared to have too much and miserable when you don't have enough.  It's been a rollercoaster ride:  the flutters in your chest when checking the mail box, that sinking empty feeling when there's nothing there.

You know you're being melodramatic but you just can't shake the feeling that nothing's going right.

Here's hoping next week is going to be a better week.  tgif.

 {image by kiteride, prints available on etsy}


  1. *hugs* I hope your letter comes! And that you have lots of yummy things and wonderful people to help scare off the inner Eeyore. :-)

  2. Sorry you had a bit of a stink week :( Hope the weekend is lovely though.

  3. Hope your letter comes Nessie! And hope it's a good letter, at that!

  4. Thanks so much ladies. Just when the inner eeyore was winning your messages made me smile :) I'm putting the christmas tree up today and vowing to stop moping around! Tomorrow is a new week right? Mwa! xox



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