Saturday 4 December 2010

Pretty happy things

{peony bouquet from my rangi/dancing girls}

I was overwhelmed by the messages in my last eeyore post.  Thank you for holding my hand through my blog.  I really needed it.

I've decided to try and snap out of all the self imposed gloom and doom and concentrate on things that make me happy, like some of the beautiful gifts I got for my birthday last month.

{bakers twine from tea pea my bday prez to myself}

{madeleine pan from my law ladies}

I am very lucky to have thoughtful, kind and caring people in my life and have loads of new toys to play with.  Did you see my madeleine pan??? So excited about using it!!

With the whole med thing, you know whatever happens is meant to be. Que sera sera.

Just gotta stop and remember the pretty happy things in life and all the wonderful things to be grateful for like good friends (in life and in the blogosphere), good food, and pretty flowers. Off to go set up our Christmas tree now...

Promise next post will be a recipe post!!



  1. I'm glad your in better spirits! And remember, everything happens for a reason, and I know you'll be just fine!

  2. Good luck with whatever you're going through! I hope things start to look up soon.

  3. Not long ago I discovered the bakery, but now I can not live without it, I spend my free time doing recipes:)

  4. Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself about the happy things, the things I can control and the things that will matter in the end. Im glad you're reminding yourself of what makes you happy and not staying down. :) I <3 bakers twine too!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely messages. They've really helped me through the crappy week. Had GREAT news this an interview for Friday so am totally stopping the moping around!!! Thanks again you lovelies xox

  6. Sadly i have been missing most of your post, belated happy b'day ...i love to receive gifts from loved ones....those are very beautiful gift you ur first pic :)

  7. Hi Nessie
    Lovely blog, so glad to find it. Hope your week has been a happy one. Meg from Tea Pea.x



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