Tuesday 28 June 2011

Trash Tuesdays: Double Double Downs at KFC

Double chicken, double bacon, double cheese, double awesome. ~ KFC ad
When Kentucky Fried Chicken brought out their Double Down "Burger" it created a frenzy of controversy.  Every where you looked there was the Double Down, on every tv channel someone was eating it, a nutritionist lambasting it or an anti-obesity group declaring it was evil incarnate.

The official tagline is that it is a "bun-less burger" with two chicken fillets, two slices of bacon, two slices of cheese (one plain, one cracked pepper) lavished with the Colonel's own special sauce.  I could feel my arteries clogging up even as I that typed out.  It's basically deep fried grease with grease doused in grease.

So what better way to break my wedding healthy eating regime than with one of these bad boys.  Better yet with two of them: a Double Double Down Challenge.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Alright, alright I didn't actually eat two in one setting (even I have my limits).  I had the Double Down Original Recipe the Friday straight after my wedding, and Jess and I chowed down on the Zinger Double Down the next week.  My kind of post-wedding blow-out binge.

{pre-ravishing zinger double down}

The Original Double Down was seriously greasy.  So greasy, I literally had oil dripping down my arm.  My hands looked like I had just dipped them in a vat of oil.  A deep-fried heart-attack with 11 herbs and spices.  I didn't have my camera on me but the lovely Sarah managed to capture the occasion...will update with those pics when I get them off her.

You would think with so much grease it should have been rather tasty no?  Alas, my friends, tasty it was not.  For a fried piece of chicken with the Colonel's secret herbs and spices, bacon, cheese AND a special sauce it was surprisingly bland and insipid.  Very disappointing.

{anatomy of a zinger double down}

The Zinger Double Down on the other hand (or should that be other hip?) was far superior.  After the Original Double Let Down, I had low expectations of its Zinger cousin.  How, wrong I was.  The Zinger wasn't greasy at all, the coating was crispy and crunchy and not gluggy and the Zinger marinade was super tasty: tangy, spicy and just hot enough to give you that warm glowing warming glow.  The chicken was moist and succulent, cooked to perfection.  My brain knew it was terrible for me, it's K-Fry for crying out loud, but I found myself enjoying every bite and quietly gutted it was a limited time item.  Quelle horreur!!

UnFortunately the Double Downs were indeed only available for a limited time and are now off the KFC menu so I can't be tempted to go chow down another.  Who knows though, with the media hype it created I wouldn't be at all surprised if we haven't seen the last of this "burger" just yet.

Trash stats:

Double Down Original Recipe & Double Down Zinger available at KFC outlets
NZD$7.90 for the burger and $10.90 for a combo (includes the burger, chips and a drink).


  1. haha i love this post! good effort with the post-wedding binge! (i read in vanity fair that following the oscars after-parties, most of the stars go home via a Maccy D's drive-thru!)

    my binges tend to be more of the sugar sweet variety as i up my intake of cupcakes :)

    Katie x

  2. Is it off the menu now? I haven't tried the zinger version, the original was double thumbs down. Well it's not hard to imagine really... I usually buy boneless hot n spicy breast fillet... just have two with thin sappy bacon... and very plastickey cheese.
    Hahaha... post wedding binge! Actually double down is very healthy if you are on atkins diet. Negligible carbs!

  3. Not exactly what I'd treat myself after a wedding, but heck, you made it sound like a x-factor challenge..how fun!

  4. i'm sure they will be back on the menu soon, they got some much pr from them !! thanks for sharing all your lovely wedding posts x

  5. Katie: Hehe thanks Katie! Have to admit to having a cheeky Big Mac last week as well terrible huh?? :P I love my sweet treats (can eat ice-cream by the 2L tub full) but when it comes to overindulging I just can't go past ooey gooey greasy goodnes :)

    PFx: Hello Pierre! Haha I think I might have been inadvertantly doing the atkins diet for the last little bit...studying in Dunedin is bad for your health I tell you! Haven't ventured back into a KFC since they were supposed to pull it (for fear of succombing to temptation and pigging out!) but I think they're gone?

    Reese@SeasonwithSpice: Hehe it was pretty much a Fear Factor challenge! I have to say though the naughtiness of it was definintely a good sauce :)

    Paula / Satch: I totally reckon you're right! No way they aren't gonna bring it back when they were so popular huh? Have a couple more to go...boy I'm dragging it out but it's so much fun reliving the day!!! :)

    Mr Lonely: Thanks for dropping by! :)



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