Thursday 9 June 2011

Wedding = love Part 1: Getting ready, the ceremony & arty shots

{by jel photography}

A photograph is memory in the raw.  ~Carrie Latet
Our photos are here, our photos are here!!!

The DVD arrived yesterday and I am so so excited bout sharing them with you all!

The very talented team of Eleanor and James at Jel Photography, were our wedding photographers and we had an absolute blast with them!  So easy going, so happy and smiley and boy can they take gorgeous photos!

So without further's our Wedding = love Album!

(All photos taken by Jel Photography unless otherwise stated)

Getting ready

The boys got ready at C's parent's place whilst the girls got prettied up at the Pullman.

Ahhhh it's good to be a girl.

It was an extremely early start for les filles.  Buffet breakfast at the crack of dawn.  Then hours worth of getting primed and painted.  A girl can get used to getting pampered, calling in room service and being fussed over.  We were in a beautiful room overlooking the University, we had our croissants and pastries, we giggled like little school girls...needless to say we were happy as larry.

{getting prettied up by talented Tatum from MAC}

{the amazing Caroline doing the bridesmaids makeup}

{my beautiful mother getting finishing touches}
{in the elevator heading to the church and not even THAT late...}

The boys on the other hand were up rather later to tuck into a hearty brekkie, thanks to C's mum.

{shoes, check.}
{rings, check.}

{ties, check}

The ceremony

Our ceremony was held at my church, St Matthews in the City.  The gorgeous stone building is over 100 years old, awe-inspiringly stunning and it was incredibly special to get to have our ceremony in such a beautiful place that means so much to me. 

{boys anxiously awaiting our fashionably late arrival}

It was also so special to have Mum walk me down the aisle.  Happy and sad, happy to be with my momma and sad coz dad couldn't be there.  But we could feel him there in spirit, all day, he was there in our hearts.

{Archdeacon Glynn Cardy officiating}
{wedding smooch!}

We had an huge spread of nibbles and goodies put on by our friends and family.  We are just so privileged to be friends with so many incredibly generous people who can bake! I was going to contribute the spinach and feta mini quiches I made, but in the rush we forgot to get them out of the freezer.  Ahh well, even the best laid plans huh?

{photo by my cousin David}
{hobnobbing outside with mum and Aunty Rosemary}
After doing the rounds we were then whisked off to our get our arty shots done in our humble Tiida, as dressed up for the occasion by C's cousins while we were sipping our bubbles.  Out of shot were the tin cans on string which clonked along behind us until they went AWOL somewhere in the CBD.

{pimp my ride meets punk'd meets bride wars}
The arty shots

James and Eleanor (Jel Photography) had some great ideas for shots down by the Britomart precinct by the wharf.  Who knew walls could be so funky looking!  We had a blast, posing it up, having a laugh and pulling out The Claw!

{The claw!}

{a whole bridal party claw!}
{at cornwall park}
When we were all clawed out, it was off to C's parent's place for our first Chinese Tea Ceremony of the day.

Next up: Wedding = love Part 2: The Chinese Tea Ceremonies


  1. You are the most gorgeous bride! Simply glowing. What a lovely couple. Love the pix.

  2. Stunning - the whole thing. Love your dress, love the photos, love the claw! I look forward to the next installment. :-)

  3. Stunning. Beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous and I love your dress!!! Congratulations again!!!

  4. The photos are moving and telling beautiful stories. And what a chic dress you had. Congrats Nessie!

  5. great pictures! i love that friends & family made the food :)

    Katie x

  6. Oh you look beautiful! Absolutely radiant. Congratulations Nessie! :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Nessie! You both are beautiful!! Much love!

    Meredith (PGF)

  8. Gorgeous! Looking forward to the tea ceremony pictures. I had to do a tea ceremony in the morning of our wedding. It was a complete surprise for me though and I wish I'd learned about it or was told about it before it happened. I was dressed in my jeans and hoodie during the morning of my wedding (afternoon wedding) so not the prettiest tea ceremony outfit. Oh well.

  9. You're absolutely stunning and so photogenic! I love that playful sequence of three photos in front of the corrugated door!

  10. I LOVE that picture. This is making me soooo wish I had gotten a better photographer at my wedding. you'll cherish these photos.
    Congratulations! xoxo

  11. Oh, and you have impeccable taste in dresses. Yours and the bridesmaids.

  12. oh lovely pics and you look stunning and beautiful Nessie all i desired to get married now awww and pic you walking to the ceremony from top angle is spectacular :) congratulation to both you again! Much love from Finland!

  13. This is my first visit to your site, but the pics are gorgeous. And your dress is amazing!

  14. Lora: Thanks so much! The photogs did such an amazing job :)

    Mrs Cake: Hehe glad you liked the claw!
    We had so much fun with it :) Watch this installment coming in a lil bit!

    Alma: Thanks heaps! I actually got my dress from an online store and am so completely STOKED with how it turned out :)

    jacksta: Thanks heaps! x

    Pfx: Merci beaucoup Pierre! Had a wonderful day and it was so awesome to get to relive it in the photos :)

    Katie: Thanks Katie! There was seriously mountains of food - so overwhelming and completely humbling :)

    allsugarspice: Thanks lovely! xox

    Pretty. Good. Food.: Aw shucks thanks so much Meredith!! xox

    bunnyeatsdesign: Hehe can't believe they pulled a suprise tea ceremony on you!! How stressful! I'm sure you still looked stunning in your hoody :)

    Not Quite Nigella: Aw thanks so much Lorraine for your lovely comment! We had so much fun doing the photos - never laughed so much in one day! :)

    The Little Foodie: Thanks heaps Mariko!! They were so lovely too...we were very lucky to have them!

    Ananda Rajashekar: Thank you for your lovely comment! It was honestly the best day, I so wish I could do it all over again! xox

    Indie.Tea: Thanks heaps for popping by Joyti! I was so scared buying my dress online but it turned out awesome! I love wouldn't be weird to just wear it around the house right??? :P

  15. What lovely pictures! Everyone looks amazing. Congratulations!!!!!



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