Monday 8 August 2011

Sunshine and Fush 'n' Chups at Tunnel Beach

{Tunnel Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand}
What's more, if you turn over a new leaf, and keep it turned, I'll cook you some taters one of these days. I will; fried fish and chips served by S. Gamgee. You couldn't say no to that. ~ J. R. R. Tolkien (The Two Towers)

An almost wordless post today.

Am a bit of a busy bee this week, working on a monster of a post bout the wedding cake making process, it's massive, gargantuan even, a post to end all posts and also writing up articles for our med school yearbook, organising our next round for Baking for Hospice, while trying not to think about exams fast approaching...

So instead of my usual verbose offerings, here's a tranquilly almost-wordless photo spread from an oh so kiwi fish and chips (or as we apparently pronounce it "fush 'n' chups") picnic at Tunnel Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand.  Just another gloriously sunny but mind-numbingly chilly day down south.

{cute little fish and chip shop we got our lunch at}
{heading down the long dirt track. yes those are sheep in the background.  go ahead...make your sheep jokes}
{slip sliding in the mud right down to that rocky outcropping}

{picnic of champions - battered fish, chips, squid rings, onion rings and tomato sauce (watties of course).  mmmmm deep-fried greasy goodness}

As far as fish and chips went, the batch we got from Mayflower Takeaways wasn't too bad.  The fish was flakey and moist, the chips were big and fat, all crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  The squid rings were just your av frozen squid rings and the onion rings were tasty but super messy to eat.  Instead of thin crunchy rings, they were literally discs of onion deep-fried so all the moisture made the batter soggy and it fell off as you were trying to eat it.  Greasy messy fun.

{a picnic with a view}

{pretending to be a aeroplane. as you do.  
photo taken by the talented nat}
{cliffhanger nat}

{erin all rugged up. sunny it may be, warm it most definitely wasn't}
{the tunnel the beach was named after.  legend has it that a rich benefactor had this tunnel built so his daughter could go down off the hill to the beach on the other side and as the story goes the daughter then tragically drowned at the beach}
{picking through the rocks}

{obligatory beach jumping shots}

Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper on the beach, sunshine and loads of photo taking...who could ask for a more perfect day.  Merci beaucoup, Erin and Nat.


  1. Hmm I haven't been to the tunnel beach before. I like the scene off the cliff. You're so nice on describing typical NZ fush n chups. As a privius oz residence, I hate NZ ones here - soggy and yeah...messy.

  2. looks lovely! so peaceful & such natural beauty, these photos are so calming! love the colours/exposure in the last shot.

    Katie x

  3. I love tunnel beach despite the freezing temps and slipping in all the mud trying to get to it. we sometimes take some pastries there.
    The photos you took are just lovely x

  4. I'm going on a South Island trip over summer. Defintely going to add Tunnel Beach. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    - I did tell you

  5. I am so homesick! I'm from Dunedin but been away 7 years now. I'd forgotten all about Tunnel Beach!

  6. I love the photos - it may have been cold but what a stunning place in the sunshine. If you ever visit Whanganui, try fush 'n' chups from George's. You can choose your type of fish and they catch all their own fish fresh that morning. Yum. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.

  7. PFx: Haha, I totally reckon that fish and chips is one of those things that you love just because you grew up on it! And remember "hot dogs" on a stick of the battered variety? So good but so bad!

    Katie: Thanks heaps Katie! I thought the shot made it look like we were in Antarctica which was so appropriate considering how cold it was that day :)

    Ruby_Dearxx: It was the biggest mission slipping down that mud track! Almost bailed SO many times. So worth it though. Trick is to keep treats in the car as a reward for when you have to lug yourself back up :) Thanks heaps for stopping by! xox

    Jagiri: Not a prob! Hope you have an awesome time down here...there are def some purty spots around. Pack your thermals though! Yip even in summer :)

    timeforalittlesomething: Didn't know you were a Dunedinite!! There seem to be some real gems around :) If you can remember any other cool wee spots do let me know k?! xox

    Anne-Marie: Thanks heaps lovely!! I will def give George's a go next time I'm up in the nui...sounds amazing! :)



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