Wednesday 28 September 2011

Procrastination station

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If only studying was half as fun as avoiding it.

We learnt today in a clinical skills tutorial about some unusual symptoms that patients suffering a heart attack may experience. One of these unusual symptoms was "An Impending Sense of Doom".

That is also a symptom of the recurrent sanity-threatening condition known as Exams.

Yes, med school exams are a mere fortnight away and the I am severely under-prepared, under-slept, and under stress.  Despite said stress I have also recently been suffering from a chronic case of motivation deficiency, which goes a long way to explain why the list of sites I heart on the right of this page is growing exponentially.  Study one hour, browse food/fashion/design blog the next.  I think it's a result of leaping from one life taxing project straight into another.

But The Exams are looming and time is running out.  And I am actually going to knuckle down and do some study.  (See if I make a proclamation online, then I've gotta stick to it)

So I am going to apologise in advance for the foreseeable upcoming delays in posting.

I am going to study and not tinker with my baking photos, look up new recipes to try, or spend hours penning puntastic posts.  No, I am not going to trawl trade me for those bargains I just know are lurking around or look on fashion blogs to oooh and aaaaah over gorgeous outfits.  Nor am I going spend hours being totally inspired by photography and design blogs. 

No, no. I am going to study dammit.

Starting. Now.

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  1. Huh - "An Impending Sense of Doom" is the exact phrase I used to describe my irrational anxiety.

    Good Luck with your Exams Nessie!

  2. Good luck Nessie! Think of the cake you can bake after your last one to celebrate ;)

  3. oh i know how you feel. I am in the library now full of good intentions to study and instead can only find motivation in pretty blogs.
    Good Luck!!

  4. good luck for the upcoming exams!

  5. Good luck with your exams. I'm a huge fan of Jessica Hische and I'm glad that her quote is making the rounds outside of typography/illustration circles. Have you ever considered design/photography as a job?

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments! This is why I love blogging - it's you beautiful people!

    Jagiri: It's a good wee phrase huh? I've started abbreviating it to AISOD I am thrashing it so much!! :)

    timeforalittlesomething: Uh I'm itching to go looking for a worthy cake recipe!!! :P

    Ruby_Dearxx: Hehe the blogosphere is def antistudy. Why is it that we can spend hours and hours looking at blogs but 30 mins studying is so darn painful???? Good luck with your exams!! x

    jacksta: Thanks heaps I definitely need it!!!!

    bunneatsdesign: Hello Genie! I actually haven't...always thought of it as my hobby, you know? Don't think I'm quite creative enough. Although I see you and think, she's living the dream! xox

  7. Nessie, Hello in NZ! Good luck with your exams. All this blogging can be so distracting, can't it;)



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